Great new alternative to foam rollers at Balance!

For some time we have sold Trigger Point Performance’s (TPT) “Quadballer” as it is a highly effective tool for removing the tension so many of our clients display in their quads, hip flexors, ITB (iliotibial band), hamstrings and low back. The quadballer allows you to roll through all of these areas whilst keeping your hands free and is used in positions that allow you to breathe, relax and focus on your intention (to become supple, pliable and extensible).

It is a great adjunct to sports massage and as part of your injury prevention regime or rehabilitation following sports injuries or surgery. More than a few of the professional tennis players we worked with at the Wimbledon Grand Slam this year took quadballers off our hands after they experienced it – also because of its size and portability.

For an independent review of the quadballer click here

Despite it’s superiority many of our clients have wanted cheaper alternatives so would go for foam rollers (we stock 15cm x 90cm foam rollers especially for upper back mobility and core work) but now TPT have saved us by producing the Grid.

TPT call this a "Revolutionary Foam Roller" - we have tried it here and we're impressed.

It offers the effectiveness, size and portability of the Quadroller and we are offering it at a lower cost than our foam roller.

This is a summary of the Grids properties:

“Green” technology – Constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers – Designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down – Built from EVA foam

Variable zones of density (they call them “the Matrix & Distrodensity™ Zones”!!) to allow for targeted massage with 3 areas described as “flat and wide; narrow firm and rigid; and targeted and precise” and allow for a more realistic massage experience.

As with foam roller producers TPT describe “Core body workout versatility” to “achieve a comprehensive core body workout”. I believe there are better approaches to producing trunk strength and control but it obviously gives some options.

Anyway we are pleased because the Grid now gives an extra option for our clients whether long distance runners, endurance athletes, yoga or kettlebell practitioners or anyone else who needs to work on their suppleness and recover from high training loads.

– Quadballer for a more intense and prolonged effect.
– Foam roller softer on lower limb but useful for upper back mobility and self-massage
– The Grid – economical version of quadballer but highly effective and also with 1 year warranty.

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  • Rob September 22, 2009  

    Thanks for the link to my review!

    I sure do like my quadballer, it’s been very helpful. I don’t go on a trip without it.

  • JonathanLewis October 13, 2009  

    Hi, thanks for doing such a great review. We are getting great results at Balance with the whole range, and our clients give excellent feedback on the products too.

    keep on enjoying your running!

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