UK Open Kettlebell Championships, July 18th 2009

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With 19 days left until registration closes, the Uk Open Kettlebell Competition 2009 is truly underway. Men, women and teams from throughout the UK and beyond will be stepping up to the platform and pitting themselves in a gruelling contest against the steel, plus raising money for two worth while charities.

The stage is set at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre 18th July, for what promises to be a phenomenal event. The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is rich in sporting history, hosting everything from Olympic standard international athletics and Judo. The UK Kettlebell Open Championships will continue that rich sporting tradition by making history as the fist Kettlebell Championships to be hosted at this prestigious venue.

Steve Cotter and Kenblackburn will be competing

The event is not just for elite Kettlebell Athletes, Amateur and Professional divisions are available for the men and women categories, and for those of you who want to enter a team to spread the work load, there are special team events – so there is something for eveyone. You can register online at and find out the full details of each event in the Rules and Regulation download. Every entrant gets a medal and there will be trophies for the overall winners.

The event will also feature various exciting displays of dynamic human movement. We are proud to announce that Urban Free Flow ( Free running and Parkour specialist) will be unleashing their skills. Cutting edge Health and Fitness related stalls will be available on the day for you to enjoy.

Check it out and enter at

Cj and Jon

“Girevoy Sport – Keeping the UK Open”

There will be at least one Balance Team for you to join or if you are part of the Industrial Strength London crowd

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