Kettlebell sell off: cheap bells ready for collection

We have some well used, well loved kettlebells that need to be rehoused into caring homes. They need to make space for some shiny new competition and conventional /fitness cast iron bells we have coming.

It hurts me but some of our more aesthetically fixated clients won’t touch the roughed up ones.

But it presents an opportunity for someone who knows that although not all bells are created equally
It is also true that some things don’t matter:

“the handles are longer than dragon door’s kettlebells!”, “The rough handles hurt my hands!”, “That blue doesn’t match your studio floor and is affecting my progress!”.

Anjum if your reading this let me know asap if you are still trying to make a mace ball.

Here they are…

usual suspects - new homes needed

usual suspects - new homes needed

Appearing from left to right:

1 x 16kg only £20
1 x 20kg only £20
1 x 20kg only £20
One more 20kg only £20
1 x 24kg only £25
1 x 25kg only £25
Another 25kg only £25
1 x 40kg only £25

contact Jonathan on 07960 861 267 or click here and email jonathan via the contact page:

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  • pete chambers July 9, 2009  

    have you got any kettlebells left?

  • JonathanLewis July 10, 2009  

    none of the pictured second hand bells left but I will do you a good deal on new bells if you are interested – give me a call 07960 861 267 – Jonathan

  • jon March 21, 2010  

    do u hav a 32kg kettlebell? Email me

  • JonathanLewis April 22, 2010  

    unfortunately we dont have a second hand 32kg available at the moment, but we do have 2 x 16kg kettlebells available though. A guy bought 2 x 20kg competition steel bells from us and asked if we could sell the 16kg’s. There is always room for a pair of 16kg kettlebells in anyone’s life in my opinion…but he wanted to move on!!

    The pair of second hand bells is available for £40 for collection only.

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