Pilates at Balance

Pilates Sanctuary mat class taught by Julia Skene-Wenzel

Pilates Sanctuary mat class taught by Julia Skene-Wenzel

Pilates at Balance is handled by the Pilates Sanctuary who have sent out their first newsletter this week.

We have worked closely with Julia Skene-Wenzel and Alice Croucher for many years now and it was great when they decided to make their presence at Balance more permanent and set up their studio here.

There first newsletter featured a short interview with Jonathan Lewis:

Q&A with Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan is a Chartered Physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach, co-owner of Balance Performance Physiotherapy and Industrial Strength London www.islondon.co.uk in the United Kingdom.

Irrespective of an individual’s goals Jonathan’s approach to strength and conditioning is fundamentally the same : to maximise athletic potential. Jonathan treats all his clients as athletes and performers. The need to gain quality movement in order to reach optimal performance is shared by all: those rehabilitating following injury; people working for a long, healthy, strong and satisfying life; an athlete wanting improved sports results; a soldier needing fitness to fight; or men and women who are medically unwell.

1.       Why is pilates such a useful adjunct to a sports rehab clinic like yours?

Balance deals with sports injuries, back pain, orthopaedic surgery and all aspects of performance. Fundamental to that approach is improving the quality of a client’s movement. Pilates, when taught as it is by the Pilates Sanctuary teachers, identifies and corrects inaccuracies in a person’s movement. It re-teaches the mindfulness in movement, precision, control and stability that we all need to be healthy and effective.

2.       What benefits do you think the pilates equipment in the Pilates Sanctuary studio have added to your relationship with the Pilates Sanctuary?

Very simply, the studio equipment available provides more opportunities for our clients to improve and progress their abilities. Once an individual has learnt and can control static postures and basic dynamic postures, they must move on. The range, speed and complexity of movement, as well as the degree of resistance to overcome should be increased – but control (of trunk/core and periphery) cannot be lost. The Pilates Sanctuary equipment provides a controlled but challenging way of doing this.

3.       If a client is seeing someone at Balance and at the Pilates Sanctuary simultaneously, how do you ensure that you are both working towards the same end result?

The effectiveness of Balance is, in no small part, due to the efforts we put into working as a team. The Pilates Sanctuary is no different and we are happy to be part of their extended team. We talk frequently to discuss the approach we must take to ensure our clients progress smoothly towards their goals.

To that end, we have set up several treatment and training packages involving different professionals to provide an opportunity for clients to benefit from the collective knowledge within the facility we share.

To read the newsletter online go to:


It features an article on:  Pilates and walking, Pilates exercises to improve walking technique and Footwear for walking. Also details about the matwork courses available in the Clapham area.

To subscribe to the Pilates Sanctuary newsletter express your interest at info@pilatessanctuary.co.uk

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