Technique is everything in combat sports and martial arts

We see a lot of martial artists and combat athletes at Balance. Men and women from different clubs across London have either searched on google and discovered us or they have heard from friends that not only do the physiotherapists at Balance have an in depth understanding of movement and therefore all sports but also that the strength and conditioning team employ moves that integrate all of the ground, stand up and transitional work required to be a well grounded athlete. Without good quality movement and efficient mechanics all the strength you believe you have in your kick, punch, throw, clinch, hold, pin, roll, elbow, knee, lock, guard or mount is wasted.

A strength and conditioning coach’s job is to drive your physical status/integrity high enough to cope with the specific demands of your sport or art.

A good strength and conditioning coach will unlock your potential but its the technical coach who will make you execute your sports moves more effectively.

We often see poor technique at the root of an injury (even if it was traumatic) so we encourage our clients to make special efforts to work with a good coach who can break down and analyse specific technique to the same degree as we do with athletic movement in general.

Combat Sports/MMA kicking seminar

world champion Nic Carter with coach Phill Ireland

Nicky Carter (WBC World Thai Boxing Champion, Thai Boxing Coach) with coach Phill Ireland (Double English Thai Boxing Champion -6 x World Stick-fighting Champion -Level 3 Fitness Trainer -3rd Grade Doce Pares Black Belt -Thai Boxing Coach)

It was great to hear from Phill Ireland, Thai Boxing and Doce Pares (stick fighting) coach, that he was putting on a “kicking seminar”. Phill is not only an excellent combat sports coach¬† (he has coached national and world champions) he breaks down technique in an understandable way, so this workshop is highly recommended!

Contact Phill directly for further details:

“Hi, well we have another exciting seminar running

Kicking Seminar

5th April 2009 at 1pm-4pm and cost £25.

Acacia Fitness Centre, Dartford, Kent

A specific kicking seminar to help you all improve your kicking technique as it can be tricky to get it right.

We will cover low kicks, body kicks, high kicks, teeps and variations of them all.

Places are limited so for more information or to book your place call me on 07967963309
Phill Ireland”

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  • JonathanLewis April 17, 2009  

    Thats great to hear, let me know when you are coming in and I shall be sure to say hi, Jonathan (07960 861 267)

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