NEW CLASS – kettlebell technique clinic

90 minutes of quality kettlebell technique instruction, practice and correction, for all levels, plus a Q&A to better understand how you can achieve your goals and make the transformations you hoped for when you started.

For the kettlebell beginner:

  • You will have a chance to go through the fundamental drills at a pace that suits you.
  • Understand the intention of the drills and be taught where the emphasis should be – this makes a massive differene!
  • you will have time to practice the drills – the idea is to learn skill.
  • get to grips with the difference in styles that are taught, understand the similarities.

(We are talking about the RKC and the emphasis placed by that system on various kettlebell drills, and also the more widely adopted style that is seen in Russian Kettlebell competition and emphasises movement efficiency and athleticism. I have been taught in both styles and worked closely with proponents of both “ways”.)

For the kettlebell lifters who are non-beginners (that’s everyone else) – progressers, intermediates, advanced, other coaches.

  • self taught or learnt from a DVD or book? Good for you! But check that you are maximising on your labours so far – its all down to good form and correct emphasis. Have someone observe you from all angles.
  • learn from a coach? – check that what you were taught has sunk in and you have continued to perform good technique and understood what the point of the drills were.
  • make the most out of your home training regime – whether your working on strength, sports conditioning, general health and fitness or weight loss. Avoid under training, hitting plateaus, and missing out key elements in a physical training programme.
  • want to learn some of the other drills or variations you may have heard about or seen on You Tube? come and learn how to enjoy the variations that abound but make sure you have the fundamentals first.

Cost £20 – class taught by Jonathan Lewis. Booking required – class limited to 12. For more details call me (Jonathan Lewis) on 07960 861 267


Seated press at London CKT 2008

Seated press at London CKT 2008

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