Bike Fitting and Cycle Analysis. Coaching.

Cycling is a fantastically popular sport in the UK. In south London we have a large population of recreational and commuting cyclists. As well as track, road, MTB, Cyclocross and BMX riders and racers. It is certainly a great, low-impact way to be active and stay “fit” but it isn’t without risk of pain and injury. However, what you perceive as “fitness” does not guarantee high performance or good health. That is why bike fitting and cycling analysis are crucial aspects of Balance Performance’s offerings.

Performance and Injuries

We address cycling performance issues and injuries using cycle analysis, bike fitting and coaching knowledge. In combination with years of experience actually cycling, coaching and competing; treating and rehabilitating cyclists. Data captured moment by moment, frame by frame analysis can highlight asymmetries, vulnerabilities, and problem areas. Notably in the back, pelvis, hip, knee, foot over pedal/cleat position.

We see a large number of south London and Lambeth’s cyclists and triathletes. Some will have spent a lot of money on their bikes and components but not enough consideration as to how well their body fits the bike. Others (fewer!) may be flexible and resilient but simply tolerating an inefficient set-up. At Balance we will help you address both aspects: body to bike and bike to body. Our goal is:

  1. to get you into the best possible position on your bike. A position that allows you to accomplish your cycling goals without compromising your body’s capabilities.
  2. to improve your body’s ability and to be resilient enough to meet your bikes demands.

Cycle Analysis costs £150 for 60 minutes.

Depending on your primary concern, whether its performance, injury or getting a new bike you will see either Pat Leahy (bike fitter and cycling coach) or one of our highly experienced cycle specialist physiotherapists

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