Leoni Munslow

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Firefighter

Hi Jon and team,

I just wanted to thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last year (2017) and give you a little reminder of how it’s gone.

After a shaky start to the season, I missed my first European Championships as a black belt by losing my passport! To make up for this I attended a training camp in Sam Diego in February and entered my first black belt comp in March, taking gold in the open weight division.

At the London Grand Slam, I achieved bronze and prize money for the first time ever. This allowed me to fund a trip to the first Masters Europeans Championships where unfortunately I wasn’t able to medal.

In May, I travelled out to do my first black belt NoGi competition and had to drop an age division and go up two weight classes to get a match. A good experience to be beaten by the world champion in the final to take home silver. In the match match I twisted my foot and spent the next few weeks (and months working with Trevor) to regain strength and reduce pain, which we were successful in.

August saw me return to Vegas for the World Masters. After winning the tournament last year I was really excited to be back. Unfortunately I was beaten by the World Champion in the first round. In the open weight class I missed out on bronze by one advantage point after one of the closest and most exciting matches I’ve ever had – with the current world champion in the weight class above me.

Due to a change in qualification process, my final competition of the year was the IBJJF London International Open where my open class silver medal points added to my previous ranking was enough for me to qualify for the 2018 major events.

I’ve worked with the Balance Team for the last 6 years now and each year, the team has helped me to overcome injury, educated me in so many ways and given me confidence needed to succeed. I know you posted on Instagram this morning but I just wanted to say that I’d love to continue working with you through 2018 and look forward to securing some more big wins and making memories along the way. 

My plans for 2018 are now as follows:

  • European Championships January 2018, Lisbon
  • Polaris, 17th Feb at O2 arena London. (Submission only super fight with Finnish black belt Emilia Tukkannen, tickets on sale soon)
  • IBJJF London Spring Open 3rd March
  • IBJJF European NoGi, Rome, 23-25 March
  • IBJJF International (Europe) Masters, Barcelona 5/6 May
  • IBJJF world Masters 22-25 August, Las Vegas.
  • IBJJF London Fall Open. October

There may be more as dates are announced!

Thanks for helping be a crucial part of Team Leoni. I look forward to wearing your logo with pride next year.

Leoni x