Leoni Munslow

World Class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and London Firefighter

In 2011, I started working with the team at Balance Performance IMG_6419Physiotherapy. At the time I was a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training evenings after a 9-5 job. Over the next year I made a huge career change, becoming a London firefighter, which allowed me to focus on my sport and step up from a keen hobbyist to a serious world level competitor.

I began strength and conditioning training with Sabina Skala and within a year had a reputation for my power, strength and fitness in competition. A former International athlete, Sabina fully understands the significance of strength training for elite athletes and following her plan has brought me physical and mental confidence. I’ve gained lean muscle, explosive strength and the belief that nothing is impossible.
Over the years I have come to Balance with sprains, strains and muscular injuries, but it was tearing my PCL in 2012 that really highlighted how fantastic this team is. I was recommended a specialist sports injury clinic and Balance were supporting me from the day of injury. From rehab exercises, to accessing functional high tech equipment such as the Alter G anti Gravity treadmill, to working closely with Sabina to develop a progressive training plan, the team had all aspects covered. 15 weeks after injury, I took a silver medal at the European Championships.
My current training plan includes mobility sessions with Jon Lewis, using movement to explore mobility and reducing the risk of injury by addressing any tightness or limits in range before issues arise. I regularly check in with Trevor Speller for monthly sports massage, and as a qualified Osteopath, Trevor is able to work on specific issues I have, before I’m even aware of them.
In 2015 I became the European NoGi Champion and took home at silver at the Europeans in gi and bronze at the World Championships. I am currently ranked #1 in the UK and #3 in the world and have no doubt that the support from Jon, Sabina, Trevor and the team has played a huge part in allowing me to achieve this.