AlterG anti-gravity treadmill

Our AlterG anti-gravity treadmill has broad applications and benefitting people from a diverse range of backgrounds. All can benefit – from those with low levels of fitness and impaired movement capabilities to those with high levels of conditioning and peak performance aspirations.

Progressive Loading and Unloading for:

  • Orthopaedics
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Seniors
  • Sports Performance and Fitness
  • Runner, Hiker and Triathlete Performance and Fitness

AlterG ViaX

With the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill you can take your recovery and fitness to the next level. 

Alter gravity and you can neutralise impact stress, eliminate pain, improve your movement control and reduce the energy cost of walking, running and jumping.

The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill is the only way we can do this. Our clients use it to reduce their bodyweight in 1% increments. They can reduce the effect of their bodyweight to as low as 20% of normal.

This accurate unweighting reduces impact and joint stress, reduces energy costs AND allows normal movement patterns to be maintained – unlike pool treadmills and hydrotherapy. In fact you have the opportunity to improve your skills of walking, running, hopping, skipping and jumping.

Empowers people to move in new ways and without pain

Do your targets relate to neurological, orthopaedic, chronic conditions, obesity or surgery? Are you a senior and committed to active aging? Are you recovering from a sports injury and involved in sports training?

The AlterG is ideal for:

  • you to rehab sooner and recover faster after injury or surgery. Achieve peak sports performance with less impact.AlterG anti-gravity treadmill London
  • training for orthopaedic and neurological patients. It can help with injury and surgery recovery, motor learning and rehabilitation, managing chronic conditions including back pain, and reducing mobility issues.
  • giving seniors effective functional training to increase mobility, build strength and endurance, and reduce impact injury – all while critically decreasing fall risk and maintaining quality of life.
  • faster recovery (from training and competition) and train smarter for peak performance.
  • use of precision unweighting/unloading to begin post-surgery rehabilitation sooner, train through injuries, and increase sports performance.

Accurate unweighting allows incremental and steady progress, amplifying training intensity, promoting peak performance

..and specifically for runners, health and fitness..:

  • Run more miles with less stress and injury
  • Increase running mileage and training volume.
  • Increase running speeds whilst decreasing joint stress and impact
  • Reduce recovery times following higher intensity training sessions
  • Pain free running and walking sessions
  • Lose weight, feel great
  • Walk and run to recover health


The ViaX Anti-Gravity Treadmill delivers physical rehab and training benefits you can’t get any other way. Combining patented, NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, an intuitive touchscreen interface, real-time gait analytics, and live video monitoring, Via enables body weight supported walking, running, and closed-kinetic chain exercise like never before.”

Walking on the moon?!

Experiencing movement at 20% of your normal bodyweight is the equivalent of walking on the moon! Given that most of us can’t begin to imagine what moon walking is like we invite you to come along and experience it first hand with the guidance of one of our team. Book an AlterG orientation at Balance Performance.

A revolution in injury recovery and physical performance

How can you make use of the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill technology at Balance Performance London?

You don’t have to be an existing client of Balance Performance.

  • Come along on your own or with your physiotherapist, osteopath or other health professional or sports/fitness coach. You, or they, simply need an AlterG orientation to get started.

An AlterG orientation of 30 min.

  • It’s easy to use but there are features on an AlterG ViaX anti-gravity treadmill that you need to understand and appreciate to get the full benefit from it. After that you are good to go – unless you’d like additional coaching guidance of course. In which case let us know and one of the AlterG team will help.

A variety of cost-effective ways to pay.

  • You can either pay-as-you-go for 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes sessions or buy one of 4 packages we offer to get generously discounted sessions and reduce costs further. AlterG 100 

Get on it and walk, run, balance, jump, or follow a programme.

  • Goal Specific Programmes are available and created specifically for you by our team based around your specific aims or goals. Depending on the programme you’ll see either a physiotherapist or strength and conditioning coach for your orientation- if you haven’t had one already – and then they’ll create a programme, take you through the components and then review your progress periodically as needed.

Benefits for health professionals, teams and clubs.

  • If you are a London based strength fitness and conditioning professional, or a doctor/health professional of any kind your own clients can use our AlterG. You may be responsible for a sports team or an athletic clubs member’s health, fitness and injury recovery. Many elite and professional teams have made use of this setup, get in touch 

How can it help me specifically?

Sports Injury and training

The impact of running causes pain to injured feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. Hitting the bodyweight % button on the AlterG reduces impact incrementally to a point where you can begin walking/running again pain free and then systematically progress back to the road, track, field, trail, court or gym.

  • For athletes interested in rehabbing faster, training while protecting or recovering from an injury or surgery, or increasing training volume while minimizing stress-related injuries, AlterG® allows you to achieve your goals sooner and smarter.
  • Use an Anti-Gravity Treadmill to get fitter and stay healthier

Back Pain

The impact of your foot striking the ground reverberates through the legs and into the pelvis and back during walking, running and jumping: for many back pain sufferers the consequences of this are painful. Whether the pain is a long term and ongoing aggravation or from a recently sustained injury, AlterG provides an opportunity to relieve pain, explore your movement dysfunctions and rediscover normal movement. Elevate your recovery and quality of life with AlterG.

  • Provides gentle unweighting from 100% to as low as 20% of body weight in precise 1% increments for low-impact, pain-free movement.
  • Real-time gait data and live video monitoring help you with immediate visual feedback to improve your experience and results.
  • Fall-safe environment gives you the confidence to move like never before.
  • Walk, run, and perform exercises that help you recover, maintain, and enhance your balance, strength, and mobility.


After any surgery, but particularly orthopaedic procedures, people can face a long road of recovery before being able to move with ease and confidence. Whether low back disc surgery or an ACL knee ligament repair the AlterG enables clients to step out of a protective boot or put the crutches to one side and begin partial but positive weight bearing to stimulate healing and increase confidence. 

  • Allows you to move pain-free again.
  • Enables weight-bearing exercise sooner while protecting sensitive healing tissues.
  • Encourages range of motion, shown to improve outcomes.
  • Reduces gravitational forces to help maintain – or regain – healthy conditioning.
  • Potential treatment applications: Post-fracture, Post-operative rehab, ACL reconstruction, Meniscectomies & meniscus repairs, Microfracture, Total hip & total knee replacement, Achilles reconstruction, Post-injury rehab

Neurological rehabilitation and fitness

You may have forgotten what it’s like to walk or run without pain or the fear of falling, our AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill system will help you experience a level of freedom you may not have thought possible. If you want to gain strength and endurance while managing a neurological condition AlterG can give you new power to achieve your goals.

  • Supports motor learning in a fall-safe environment.
  • Enables repetition of functional activities like walking and standing while preserving normal mechanics.
  • Provides support in a controlled setting for static and dynamic standing practice for balance, control, and strength.
  • Potential treatment applications: Stroke recovery, Traumatic brain injury (TBI), Incomplete spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, MS, Cerebral palsy.

We have excellent neurological, Vojta therapy, and balance, falls and dizziness specialists within the Balance team to guide and assist you if required.

Injury Prevention

Everything comes at a cost. When you train with high volume, particularly in activities like running and triathlon, the impact on the joints and strain on the muscles and tendons accumulates. AlterG allows runners to expand or maintain their mileage significantly with far less physical stress. Long runs and brick sessions take on new meaning and offer fresh opportunites with the AlterG.

Weight loss

Reduce impact. Excercise more. Lose Weight. When you are determined to reduce bodyweight to healthier levels one challenge is to achieve a sufficient time walking or running to support the dietary changes you made. Because the AlterG can reduce bodyweight to as low as 20% of normal it allows sustained activity with less joint stress. It can also demonstrate what it feels like to move at your target weight, which can be a great motivator!

Sports performance and Running conditioning

Aside from the benefits of recovery that reduced bodyweight running offers sports men and women, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Alter-G gives a powerful boost to speed training, leg strength sessions and event preparation. Marathon, Triathlon, Ultradistance, Ironman