Why we get up in the morning

We treat, empower and move our clients to live healthier and perform better.

We know you want and need to move freely again, without pain or a sense of vulnerability, but with confidence and a sense of resilience (i.e you can bounce back from anything).

So, we get up and come to Balance with enthusiasm and passion each morning with the intention of guiding our clients to

  • overcome their pains and weaknesses;
  • to instil greater confidence, awareness and control of their body and mind;
  • and provide the tools and knowledge our clients need to maximise on their potential.

“empowering people to take care of themselves, to live, and perform”

Who we are and why we created Balance Performance?

We are a team of health professionals. Although we began in 2001 emphasising our physiotherapy practice we’ve always been about far more than muscle, fascia, ligaments and bones – health encapsulates the mental, emotional and physical.

In 2001 the founding directors were in agreement that:

  • Passive therapy treatments in isolation are inadequate, pain relief must be accompanied by increasingly dynamic and demanding rehabilitation before full function returns.
  • Your lifestyle, physical and sports training must be considered to progress past previous limitations and before performance can be heightened.
  •  A team approach was required, clients would benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of a team working together (not simply sharing the same building)

In 2001 we saw there were no practices providing enough of a dynamic experience or opportunity to benefit from an entire team. This is why we set up Balance Performance with so much space dedicated to movement and developed a team capable and determined to get you moving.

“relieving pain, restoring function, exploring movement and enhancing health and performance”

Today we remain one of the few practices in the UK authentically dedicated in our intention for clients to leave us better able to take care of themselves. The team has grown and diversified, the directors have innovated, and we continue to improve the way we communicate our ethos of empowerment and betterment.

Being a passive recipient of treatment can provide a quick fix but most of our clients want sustained results.

Is Balance right for you?

  • Are you prepared to be actively engaged in the treatment process?
  • Can you understand the need for rehabilitation to be progressively dynamic and increasingly demanding – mentally as well as physically?
  • Do you want to be more resilient and willing to do the practice?

If you answered YES, at least once, then Balance is right for you.

We understand pain and injury. We understand the fear and frustration of not feeling in control of our own recovery. It is inevitable that we will experience pain and injury in our lives. When it occurs we seek relief from our pain and guidance to restore normal function but ultimately we want to be in control of our own lives again ASAP.

The Balance approach is therefore simple: 

  • give our clients relief from their pain,
  • guide effective recovery, rehabilitation, strength, conditioning and resilience
  • provide control by empowering people to take care of themselves.

Clients that fully embrace this approach will have superior results, ones that are longer lasting and farther-reaching into their health and performance.

Treat. Empower. Move. Live. Perform