Return of London’s longest running kettlebell class

Kettlebell Class Clapham with Svetlana!

Svetlana now teaches her long running Clapham Kettlebell Class in Balance Performance’s well ventilated studio on a Wednesday at 7pm, duration one hour. We have always limited numbers to maintain quality of personal attention and that fits perfectly with ongoing demands for personal and social distancing.

Svetlana put together a video sample of the kind of thing she enjoys adding in…

Book in for the class via our contact page or call 02076272308.

To see Svetlana’s personal website, contact her about personal fitness training or her online/virtual PT and kettlebell class go to Svetlana Fitness!

Enjoy London’s longest running and most expertly taught kettlebell classes, in Clapham! In-person or online options available.

As a beginner understanding the fundamentals of kettlebell lifting is essential. Svetlana (an RKC and CKT qualified coach) teaches a class that both guides beginners through the core lifts as well as providing a workout. Join Svetlana on a Wednesday 7-8pm class. One to one training with Svetlana always a great option as well, in-person and online.

  • Swing, clean, pus press and snatch
  • Squats and lunges
  • Presses and rows
  • Total body training that refreshes and invigorates the mind as well
  • plus Turkish Get Up, Windmill and Single Leg Deadlift
  • Each week Svetlana creates new and innovative combinations of drills for both High Intensity Intervals and Cardiovascular training.

Anyone who has already learnt the basics will still benefit from a teacher with a strong focus on quality and technique. Kettlebells used with good form will deliver strength, endurance, and total body conditioning. The beauty of kettlebells is that if you do it with good form it not only provides you with the “bikini body”** or “speedo physique”** you desire, it also improves the way you move and function. Kettlebells are an ideal resistance tool for health, wellness and athletic training.

One hour of intense work, all the basic drills combined into prolonged sets of effort. As with all physical training its down to you as to how hard you work but Svetlana will ensure you perfect your technique and work to the best of your ability in this class.