Balance’s amended services during COVID-19 pandemic

Balance’s amended services during COVID-19 pandemic include both URGENT in-person physiotherapy as well as sessions from the Balance Performance Online team

Balance Performance Physiotherapy has had one, strong and clear intention since our inception in 2001: to restore health after a painful event, injury, or illness and then guide people to higher levels of well-being through the adoption of better habits that can be sustained over a lifetime.

That intention of Balance Performance Physiotherapy remains the same but in the face of our current situation we need additional ways of offering our services whilst keeping our community safe and well.

We want you to keep your rehabilitation on course. We want you to maintain, even increase, your health and wellbeing during this period of travel restriction and isolation. Your daily habits will have changed dramatically. In-spite of this we want you to be resilient to new aches, pains, and anxieties. Equally we want to see you preventing old or chronic issues from reemerging.

Continuing services and amended services over the coming weeks and months from Balance Performance Physiotherapy:

Balance Performance Online will be offering these services

  • Video or telephone consultations and follow-ups:
    • Get in touch if you are an existing client receiving treatment and rehabilitation here, we will keep you/get you back on track with a video rehab or advice session. You will be directed to your therapist or if that person is not available then to one of the team who is looking after their clients.
    • Do you have a new pain or injury? Have you just left hospital after a fracture, illness or operation? Do you need to begin a progressive programme of rehabilitation? Get in touch using our contact page.
    • If you have a chronic problem that has flared up and you want some advice on how to manage it, use our contact page and we’ll get back as soon as we can to organise a virtual session.
    • Do you have severe symptoms of pain or dysfunction? We need to determine whether an in-person contact is imperative by looking at specific criteria. Get in touch so we can speak with you. If it is determined that your situation is “urgent” we may offer you an in-person consultation, assessment and treatment. See “Attending Balance Performance in-person” for more.
  • Using all of our existing technologies we can continue to address:
    • Your back and neck pain, sports injuries and orthopaedic rehab.
    • Women’s health concerns, including Mummy MOTs, pelvic floor and continence issues
    • Over-60’s health and fitness, balance and falls prevention. 
    • Fitness and conditioning sessions  essential to supplement your daily walk, run or cycle
    • Health and wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional with breath work and mindful movement

Attending Balance Performance Physiotherapy in-person

    • If it is deemed that your case is URGENT then we may offer you an in-person appointment
    • We will verify that you are otherwise well, have no COVID-19 symptoms or other symptoms that mean you should be self-isolating. To attend you should not be caring for anyone who is self-isolating or with COVID-19.
    • If for any reason we can not see we will of course guide you to the most appropriate practitioner in the safest setting available to you.

Movement, fitness and strength sessions

    • Balance has suspended all other on-site therapy sessions; strength, fitness and movement sessions at Balance’s Gauden Road premises until we are allowed to reopen. 
    • We have ceased all of our group classes but if you want to continue the training you were doing in your class please contact us and we will connect you with Svetlana (kettlebell classes and 1-2-1) Zsofia (yoga classes and 1-2-1), Ron (1-2-1 HIIT and fitness sessions including band work), Sabina (Strength and Conditioning), or the Pilates Sanctuary team for online training options.
    • Click HERE for info about ONLINE FITNESS AND WELLNESS TRAINING and services

Balance Performance Physiotherapy remains dedicated to your own and our wider community’s health and wellbeing. We have only a small team working on-site now. The remainder of the team are either working remotely, are unable to work, or are volunteering with the NHS to help in the efforts against the Coronavirus.

Effective rehabilitation programmes and wellness practices

At Balance we feel very strongly that it is important to continue with an individually tailored programme. It should suit your current level of ability and account for seamless progressions. Your programme should respond to the inevitable plateaus and regressions of rehabilitation.

Whether you are self-isolating due to coranvirus, or COVID-19 travel restrictions have compelled you to stay at home, work from home and/or care for your family, you can take the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your rehabilitation programme and recovery. You can adopt new wellness practices which not only support your rehabilitation efforts during these unfamiliar and challenging times, but can set you up for the long term.

Our vulnerability to changes in circumstances and the effect they have on our routines is nothing new but having these changes imposed on us en masse is unprecedented in recent times. We have had many clients reporting that increased hours working from home have caused back, neck and other areas of pain. 

In addition, our fitness and daily activity habits routines are significantly disrupted. A daily cycle commuting into work for example, can be pivotal to our physical and mental health. When it disappears new habits and new triggers for those habits need to be established. This is the only way to sustain health and continue momentum in your rehabilitation and wellness practices.

For information on our specific services and video consultations contact us. One of the professional team will get back to you ASAP. If you are an existing client we’ll connect you with your therapist to discuss your situation personally. 

If in doubt get in touch. We will get back to you…:

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