Balancing Breathwork class begins June 2019

Balancing breathwork class with Tony Clegg

This class begins this Sunday 10am until 11.15am, June 9th…and  the  first one is  free

Balancing Breathwork

Instruction and guidance on breathing from therapists, coaches and teachers on the Balance team is nothing new.

Class Conspiracy

But getting a group of people together for the explicit and unambiguous purpose of breathing – conspiring together – is indeed new to Balance and the potential benefits for the participants are huge. What’s more we are incredibly lucky to have Tony Clegg onboard with us now to teach it.

Why a breathing class?

There is no one correct way to breathe but breathing optimally in any given situation is a skill that should be learned and embedded into daily life. We all assume we know how to breathe, but our connection and understanding of our breathing behaviours is poor. Dedicating time to our breath is the remedy to this lack of awareness.

The benefits of exploring your breath: life changing and empowering

Fundamentally breath awareness and conscious breathing practice is life changing and empowering. As powerful as this is many people like more precise guidance. Therefore if you are dealing with pain, fatigue, anxiety or excessive tension then deepening your connection to your breath is essential. Furthermore if you want to reach your goals, achieve more with greater efficiency and frequency; gain more clarity and insight, to be more decisive as well as resilient, then deepening your connection to your breath is essential.

With this in mind, this class guides you to explore your breath:

  • breath awareness for living in the now,
  • heart coherence to unite mind and body,
  • endurance training in the form of controlled hypoxic breathing,
  • imperceptible breathing for good health and blissful relaxation,
  • emotional awakening using conscious connection breathing.
  • a total workout for the inner, energetic body. Certainly every bit as important as that of our outer frame and cardiovascular system.

Balancing Breathwork is a self paced session in a group setting, adding the power of human connectivity to our breathwork. Tony Clegg is an experienced breathwork practitioner who will guide you through the class. The class is accompanied by energy charging and soothing music to integrate the experience.

“Shut up and Breathe”

“If you need to control yourself – your mind, body, emotions, posture, or behaviour – then start by getting control of your breathing.”

“How do you breathe when you are feeling very calm, peaceful and content? How do you breathe when you are upset, angry, afraid or in pain? It’s important to bring awareness to your breathing at these times because the way that you breathe —consciously or unconsciously — will either enhance, support, exacerbate, lessen or relieve those things — in the short and long term.”

Dan Brulé, author of “Just Breathe”, “Shut up and breathe”, an expert and pioneer of breathwork.

The teacher, Anthony Clegg

Having self cured a debilitating childhood stammer and chronic insomnia, Anthony successfully built a career as a professional actor and communications coach. He realised there was a need for us to connect more deeply to our breath if we are to free ourselves from the epidemic of anxiety that exists in modern living. Tony trained on the Breath Mastery Programme under the direction of Dan Brule one of the original breath work pioneers of the western world. It is Tony’s intention to make breathing practice a tool for connectivity, emotional freedom, increased joy and health for all those willing to explore and embrace their unique potential.

Breathing at Balance beyond the class

  • Breathing appropriately is key for effective strength training; endurance efforts; yoga; pilates; flexibility training; correct pelvic floor exercises.
  • Breathing well is essential for trunk/ core activation; spinal rehabilitation; relaxation during soft tissue therapy/sports massage and receiving the passive treatments of mobilisation and manipulation from oosteopaths and physiotherapists
  • Breathing is key to many other aspects of coaching, training and treatments at Balance as well: the one-to-one breathwork sessions incorporated into the offerings of Trevor Speller and Jonathan Lewis being the most obvious examples.