Sensei Ray makes his next move


Ray Carbullido wrapped up his offerings at Balance Performance for another year last week. So we sadly say Aloha! until the next time – summer 2020! Ray returns to Hawaii via Buffalo, New York where he teaches at Rising Sun Yoga and their community and then Oakland in Northern California.

We received such wonderful and positive feedback from the Sacred Movements offerings by Sensei Ray! A big leap was made in the understanding people had for the impact their movement and meditation practices could make to their daily sense of well-being. Irrespective of age, background, preconceived notion of personal fitness and vitality we are shaped by the things we do, daily and most frequently, rather than our weekly workout/class routines of yoga, martial arts, sports or gym training.

We look forward to continuing what was learnt and further cultivating the knowledge passed on through the Sacred Movements offerings, as well as further developing all the relationships and opportunities that have resulted because of Ray’s visit.

We also look forward to having Sensei Ray back in the future (latest being summer of 2020) and send best wishes to Ray for the rest of his international tour of his Sacred Movements offerings.