Health and Wellness classes, March 2019

Sacred Movements class series with Ray Carbullido

Artist, teacher and facilitator Ray Carbullido returns to London this March, partnering with us here at Balance Performance Physiotherapy & London Shambhala Meditation Centre, to bring to you a unique series of integrative events that focuses on healing, spirituality and traditional martial / movement practice & how these aspects relate to modern everyday living.

Each week in March there are four classes each covering a different topic:

Whatever your current practice, discipline or experience, these classes will help you explore how we integrate the nature of mind and body. Ray’s unique approach explores the various aspects that define us and how we can cultivate and express our thoughts, emotions, capacities, values and beliefs for the well being of all.

“What makes my offerings unique is the use of physicalities to understand and embody concepts and ideals and show the roots, connecting points, applications, and relevance of many cultivation practices.” With an emphasis on the cultivation of peace, integrity and wellbeing, these workshops are open to all and offer a unique opportunity to learn from an exceptional guide.


Sensei Ray Carbullido specializes in sacred, ancient, & integrated practices. He has conducted workshops & immersive retreats worldwide & has worked with many healing centers, spiritual organizations, and military & law enforcement agencies. Link to more detailed bio –


“Having practiced and taught meditation for over thirty years, I thought I knew quite a bit about it. But still being curious, three years ago, I did a first training with Ray Carbullido at Balance Physiotherapy in Clapham and then went on to do another and another. These have deepened and enlivened my meditation practice in ways that I’d never expected. In his playful yet highly disciplined and intelligently nuanced teaching style, Ray brings together what he’s learnt, over many years of intense training, from senior Buddhist and Martial Arts masters of the Baguazhang, Shorinjin Ryu Ninjutsu, Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu, Icho Ryu Aikijujitsu and Reiki traditions. His aim in teaching this weekend at LSMC is to share some of what he’s learnt about how to more fully embody and enliven meditation in our lives. I highly recommend this course to students at all levels of practice.”

Jim O’Neill, Psychotherapist, Senior Meditation Teacher and Director, Karuna Training in Contemplative Psychology.