Thoughts on Sports massage & soft tissue therapy from Jess

A few thoughts from Sports Masseur and Soft Tissue Therapist Jessica Sargeant

“Working as a sports massage therapist at Balance Performance has taken me on a journey of exploration and discovery.

With each person I treat, I find their unique ‘map’, a history stored within their musculoskeletal system, a history of pain, injuries, surgeries and habitual postural misalignments.

I witness time and time again, as I treat someones soft tissues, how the body can be unlocked and then it renews. Combined with physiotherapy, strength training, good nutrition and plenty of rest, this leads to all round better performance and hopefully a pain free body.

With ongoing treatment the benefits of regular massage accumulate and include reduced stress and anxiety levels, better sleep, a boost in immunity and a stronger, healthier system. Taking time to take care of yourself is extremely important as we live at an increasingly fast paced with demanding lifestyles.

The body is able to indicate when it needs to rest and recover, when we ignore these signs, pain is the result. However the body also wants to heal, to move and to thrive.The techniques and research available to Bodywork practitioners are extensive and always improving – Myofascial work, Muscle Energy Technique, Soft Tissue Release – and what we know for sure is the body and mind work together as a whole. Therefore treating the body holistically addresses all the issues and is ultimately beneficial. A positive outlook and an all around approach to health will yield great results…so please treat yourself to a Sport or Therapeutic Massage treatment at Balance Physiotherapy soon!”

Jessica Sargeant

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