Well-being, creativity, clarity, effectiveness and performance

What are the benefits of a daily movement practice, a practice that has stood the test of many centuries past and yet remains relevant today?

It depends entirely on who is teaching, whether they are sharing the entire breadth of the system or just an isolated strand of it: and of course it absolutely depends on the openness, curiosity, willingness and discipline of the student.

The mention of “ancient and scared practices” can switch some people off: there are many preconceived notions of what’s involved – a cryptic teacher, new age vibes (ironically) etc etc.

So although we are excited about and welcome the return of Ray Carbullido from Hawaii to London (Clapham) to teach a 3 day workshop “Understanding and engaging sacred practices” I decided that we needed to mention some potential benefits rather than expect someone to register based entirely on their curiosity and enthusiasm to explore themselves.

So when you pursue this practice what will you gain:

  • Your Health: mental, emotional, physical – it is the foundation from which all else can be successfully built
  • Higher levels of energy and vitality
  • Increased movement awareness, control and skill.
  • Positive responses to stress and dealing effectively with your emotions
  • Greater clarity, discipline and confidence to achieve your goals
  • Effective recovery methods to resharpen yourself mentally and physically, to counter the dulling effects of training and the daily grind.
  • Effective recovery following injury, surgery or illness – current or future.
  • Higher levels of awareness and performance. Whatever your level you will rise above it.

But you have to begin.

Ray will be teaching elements of Bagua to either get people started on the path of this practice specifically or to add greater depth and understanding for those who are already following a practice – whether it be Bagua itself, Qigong, yoga, Tai Chi, dancing or even marathon running.

If you embrace any of these disciplines fully you will discover the far reaching nature of the potential benefits. If you come along to the workshop in a few weeks (Movement Practice Workshop) Ray will not just spell it out for you philosophically, you’ll move and test it out for yourself.

  • This workshop is relevant to you whether you’re goal is to prepare for a specific event e.g. hike into Tibet, taking your practice to the high altitudes of the Himalayan range, including Everest. (You can see Ray in the midst of the Himalayas in these pics); excel in your sport, profession, or favourite activity; or you simply want to regain/maintain total well-being and achieve a lifetime’s span of good health.
  • Book on or shoot us a question via jonathan@balancephysio.com or WhatsApp +447960861267