Blog from Graham Anderson, sports physiotherapist at the Australian Open Tennis – ankle injuries

Day 5 from Graham in Melbourne, Australia:

“So you’ve turned your ankle whilst playing tennis. A common injury you might have seen at many a tennis event on the telly. Strong balance and proprioceptive training will assist and improve the likelihood of recurrent sprain. Once that ankle mortice and tenon joint is affected by weakened torn ligaments control of the ankle becomes increasing difficult and a whole rehab and conditioning programme is required to get back to trusting the ankle when sliding, landing, or changing direction quickly.

Taping the ankle can get you back to playing quicker but do not get totally reliant on it. Ankle braces and daily prophylactic taping is common for athletes on the tour as it’s costly for them to be away from playing if injured. Likewise for yourself don’t return from a sprain too quickly; make sure you have all quadrants covered and get it seen by a sports injury specialist on the Balance Performance Team to prevent it becoming a problem throughout your lifetime playing experience.”

Graham will be back with more blogs but won’t be back in Clapham at Balance Performance for a few weeks so don’t put it off, make good use of our large team of sports injury specialists.

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