Let us help you manage your pain at Balance Performance

Although we are a team of health professionals open to all in our South London community and at the service of both those in pain and those who are in health, the majority of people who come to see us for the first time are experiencing some kind of pain.

Whether that pain is associated with a recent injury, the recurrence of an old one, or is an unremmiting pain associated with a chronic condition or illness Balance’s physical therapists are skilled and motivated to help you manage it. Pain is inevitable and unavoidable but whether it be your back or neck, whether it was an injury sustained during your sport or fitness or more likely accumulated through your work, it is how you respond to pain in the initial stages of it that can have a massive influence on how quickly you get back to full vitality. We can make you better able to respond positively and proactively to pain so don’t delay or postpone booking in to see one of the team, doing it sooner will not only help you recover faster but will reduce the amount of sessions you need to have.

Call us on 02076272308 to book straight in with one of the physiotherapists, osteopaths or soft tissue therapists or for a little more information read this page, you can make an enquiry right alongside it:

Pain management