pregnancy-and-baby-show-2016Tips and tricks for expectant and new mums to recover from their experiences.

Have you met our women’s health team? Well now you can! We are coming out to play on Saturday 8th October and we are very excited.

Everyone loves a trip out so we’re packing the cake and coming to the excellent Clapham Pregnancy and Baby Show next month. Africa has a saying that it takes a village to raise a child and here at Balance we think it takes a team to support a mum. So, we are coming en masse to share with you our tips and tricks to help all you expectant and new mums navigate what your body needs at this bonkers but brilliant time of life. We may need to start by convincing you it’s okay to think about what YOU need as well as what your gorgeous baby needs.

We promise we’ll be practical, realistic, honest and cheerful! We cannot promise we will share our cake ☺

On the day there will be Sally Murray – heading up the Women’s Health team, Jo Fordyce – women’s health specialist physiotherapist, Deri Wilson – soft tissue therapist/masseur, Lucy Alexander – breastfeeding counsellor, and Sophie Medlin – dietician.

We would love to answer any queries and questions you have about your body either during pregnancy and afterwards. The body is truly amazing in the way it adapts to the incredible process of pregnancy and then all the demands placed on it during the post natal period. However we know that growing and looking after a person can be a painful process for many many women and our team really has seen it all. So whether it’s pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy, tight neck & shoulders from all the carrying, stress incontinence, not being unable to shift the baby weight or you just need a few pointers to return to fitness, come and chat to us. We do love a chat!

If you can not make it or simply want to get on with things and come to see one of the team contact me – Sally Murray – and I will steer you in the right direction. sally or call us 02076272308.