What is the best postnatal exercise???

What is the best postnatal exercise???

movement-strength0-london-womenWell, firstly it needs to be something that doesn’t take too long. Those 2-hour visits to the gym won’t find a slot in your diary now!

  • It needs to be low impact. There’s a good chance you have already pushed that pelvic floor to its’ limits simply being pregnant & giving birth so no bouncing for a bit ladies. Let everything recover.
  • The right exercise will equip your body for the new postures and activities of motherhood. You may well be lifting, carrying and standing much more than you were previously, so train those muscles and joints accordingly.
  • Ideally choose an exercise that gives a “cardio” workout and tones at the same time (meaning less exercise time needed for a great end result).
  • It also needs to be something to help and not hinder healing pelvic floor muscles and those with a diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles).

Throw in something that is fun, communal, effective and entertaining for babies to watch and what have you got??? KETTLEBELLS!!!

Oh yes ladies, kettlebell exercises are my top choice for postnatal fitness training because it meets all of the above criteria. I started our postnatal exercise classes after returning from maternity leave over 10 years ago and have seen the difference it makes to a mum’s strength, posture, function and pelvic stability. I am a big fan!!

Kettlebells, I am a big fan!!

Come and give it a try. Tuesdays & Fridays @ 9.30-10am, babies welcome to watch. First class free. Classes taught by Sally Murray, women’s health specialist physiotherapist (abdominal checks provided).

Sally Murray is a specialist women’s health physiotherapist with 20 years experience in treating post natal back pain.

So what next? If you live in Clapham, Stockwell, Brixton, Wandsworth or the surrounds and would like a bit more detail and guidance specific to you and your uniqueness come in and see Sally Murray – call 02076272308.