The Alter G is now even more affordable at Balance

Have you ever wanted to run effortlessly without the hard pounding? The Alter G is now even more affordable at Balance to save your joints. Balance Performance Physiotherapy were the first to introduce this great bit of kit to outside of the USA. We knew its benefits would be far beyond performance enhancement of running. Sure enough it is invaluable in orthopaedic rehabilitation from injury or post operatively. It is ideal to evaluation and improve gait and running skills. It is superb to work out in for cardiovascular fitness training, weight loss.

We have have great results with a some neurologcal conditions and amputees  to improve ambulation.

We have the most years experience of all the 6 Gtrainers all at very affordable prices.


Physical activity has a direct impact on the state of your health, but physical activity can be restricted by medical conditions that limit mobility. The G-Trainer allows individuals to improve overall health, benefit from exercise regardless of many conditions that limit mobility and weight-bearing activities, and rehabilitate more effectively, with less pain after lower extremity injury or surgery. Our most common uses are to offload joints that have recently undergone surgery, returning the individual to full weight bearing and impact confidence.

Injury Prevention

Its always preferable to prevent injuries rather than recover from them. The Alter G-Trainer allows individuals to receive the health benefits of walking or running while reducing the risk of injury and they can get a great cardiovascular workout without the chronic pain so many people experience while exercising. And it allows athletes to increase training volume and speed while minimizing the risk of impact-related injury and continue training regimens without pain caused by chronic injury issues.

Training and Conditioning

Elite and recreational athletes alike are always looking for ways  to help them run farther, faster. We use the G-Trainer to augment training and conditioning routines, enhance performance, and provide the most advanced option in reduced-impact exercise.

At Balance we have the original and more advanced Pro 200 model. It  has a treadmill that is significantly higher spec and hence can allow running comfortably as it unweights athletes by reducing their body weight.  AlterG® allows our athletes to:

  • Train harder, longer and sooner after injury or surgery.
  • Gain and maintain fitness while recovering and return to competition sooner.
  • Use weight as a means of interval training when running
  • work on stride patterning
  • Train harder with lower impact.

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