New Mums! Does your back ache standing cuddling your newborn?…

New Mums! Does your back ache standing cuddling your newborn? Do you get pain lifting them out of their cot? Sound familiar? Read on…

So you’re the other side of childbirth and if you are like me you assumed the aches and pains of pregnancy are well behind you and you can slip back into your pre pregnancy trousers. Sadly the reality is those pregnancy trousers are still your most comfortable and now you get back ache getting out of the chair, bending and holding your newborn for prolonged periods.

If you had an epidural you are probably blaming that, however research shows the same amount of women get back pain postnatally regardless of having an epidural. The cause is more likely to be a combination of factors. Firstly your core muscles will not be working at their full potential leaving your back vulnerable and unprotected. Then add in the change to your daily activities. Much of your day is now spent bending, carrying and most likely bending some more. Factor in some tiredness, hormonal changes and a sugar loaded diet (or was that just me?) and you have a perfect recipe for persistent back pain.

For many of you simply doing 3 minutes of cores exercises each day will really help. Come to our 30 minute Balance core class (with your baby) and we will set you off doing the right exercises. Changing other factors will also help like using the drop side on your cot, delegating non-essential carrying and when using a sling make sure the baby is high enough to easily kiss their head.

If your back pain persists please do come and seek help. Often a simple rebalancing of the pelvis area and some targeted exercises are all that’s needed to set you back on the right road and leave you free to enjoy your baby.

Sally Murray is a specialist women’s health physiotherapist with 20 years experience in treating post natal back pain.

So what next? If you live in Clapham, Stockwell, Brixton, Wandsworth or the surrounds and would like a bit more detail and guidance specific to you and your uniqueness come in and see Jo Fordyce or Sally Murray – call 02076272308.