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Women's Health covers all issues relating to obstetrics and gynaecology. Sally Murray and Jo Fordyce are specialists in the field and lead a team that can guide you to improved health, fitness, confidence and wellbeing. 

Although pregnancy can be an exciting time it's often an uncomfortable one as well - back, neck or pelvic pain, tingling hands and continence problems. Continence problems aren't just the bane of those pregnant, women of all ages put up with it and endure the embarrassment of leaking, unaware that there is often a relatively simple solution.

Whether recovering following a hysterectomy, other gynaecological surgery or experiencing symptoms associated with the menopause there are ways to speed your recovery and alleviate your problems.

You can be assured of friendly, confidential and confidence building help from Sally our registered women's health physiotherapist and her team. They provide simple and effective solutions whether you are pregnant, caring for a newborn, an experienced mother, or quite simply a woman of any age with health or fitness concerns.

  • the most effective ways to maintain your fitness during pregnancy.
  • learn how to avoid back pain or get treatment if its too late.
  • friendly, confidential advice and treatment for any pregnancy related problems
  • strengthen your pelvic floor 
  • relief for pain related to breast feeding or carrying your new baby/toddler
  • get an answer to the most frequently asked question "how can I get my abdominals back?"
  • best rehabilitation to follow cesarian
  • achieve a speedy recovery following gynaecological surgery

If you have concerns or issues regarding pregnancy, continence, or any other area affecting your health and happiness call us now to book on 020 7627 2308  or for more information. 

Womens Health


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SPORTTAPE kinesiology tape and much more

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The amazing way Morgan (cycling specialist physiotherapist) and Nadine (running and adventure coach) are working together is incredible: I really feel very lucky to be able to work with such a fantastic and experienced team, so the months ahead are really exceptionally exciting!

Chris Waddel - Amateur Ironman Triathlete Read more

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