Ski and Snow board injury specialists

Be it ski boot advice, from our podiatrist or getting yourself ski fit. Balance Performance can help.  We are Londons top post-surgical and trauma rehabilitation specialists. Enjoy the powder. Lets be careful out there on the slopes. 

Skiing, boarding, skeleton and bobsleigh all being high speed, downhill sports lend themselves to a multiple of risks factors when it comes to injury. But one of the single biggest risk factors is fatigue.

The majority of skiers go from moderate activity and non sport specific exercise to seven hour days on the slopes.

Once an individual becomes fatigued, their skill level decreases and they are more likely to lose control and suffer injury. Balance Performance encourage preparastion to fail. Ask hoiw we can help you prepare with your stregth and condition in a ski specific way.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer an injury on the slopes to head, shoulder, wrist, leg and most commonly knee. We are Londons top rehabilitaion specialists with over 60 years of knee rehab experience between our 4 knee specialists. Our rehabilitation team will quickly get you up on your feet and get you back to ski and snowboard fitness beyond your initial pre injury level.


Ski and Snow board injury specialists


12 weeks after injury I flew to Portugal and won a bronze medal in the European Championships. Without the help of the team at Balance I probably wouldn't have been back on the mats, let alone making the podium of a major tournament.

Leoni Munslow - International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and Firefighter Read more