Specialist Retail Store in Clapham SW4 6LE

We are London's only recovery, rehabilitation and performance specialist retailer. The Balance Performance shop can be found: online at http://www.shop.balancephysio.com  or preferably - because you can try before you buy and speak face to face with our team - come to Balance at 113 Gauden Road, London, SW4 6LE - 60 seconds from Clapham North tube station and 60 seconds from Clapham High Street overground.  

Balance Performance is led by health and fitness professionals so the products we stock are first and foremost selected based on their effectiveness and pressure tested to meet the demands of our clients. You will only find products in our shop that are there based upon our keen professional judgement.

You will find products that we use and recommend to our clients on an hourly basis, week in week out. Products like kettlebells, Trigger Point Therapy, CrossCore 180, KT Tape, BodyHelix compression and joint supports, ice, heat and pain relief items.

We guide our customers and clients to the tools that empower them to take care of themselves. Self-care is an aspiration we have for our clients and something we passionately want our clients to embrace.

We have generic items - gym balls, wobble cushions, sports and kinesiology tape, blister kits, ice packs, exercise and power bands, spiky massage balls, pain relief medication.

We also have specific brand tools where the quality and design of the product and educational concept behind them have been considered and compared against what else is available before selecting the right brand:

Trigger Point Performance Therapy precise and targetted self-massage tools: empowering you to take of yourself,

The Grid: "revolutionary foam roller" for self myofascial release and recovery, dynamic core conditioning.

Synthetic KT Tape - the very best kinesiology tape available. Highly durable and accessible for the man/woman/athlete to use and apply themselves,

Wolverson kettlebells designed with the user in mind and producing the best iron and steel competition kettlebells in Europe, dynamic resistance training for rehab stability and control, strength and fitness conditioning.

CrossCore 180 from CrossCore - USA the worlds only Rotational Bodyweight Training system, this is not suspension training it is rotation and the effectiveness (and joy!) is not to be compared.

Body Helix Compression sleeves BodyHelix products have Flex300TM super elasticity technology to give maximum support while allowing total freedom of movement. It will not slip, it provides uniform compression and it is the most comfortable support we've used. Provides confidence and comfort without restriction, perfect for use in training and competition.

We provide something unavailable online or even within any other shop in London - specialist advice and quality products related to recovery, rehabilitation, strength, health and fitness. come and see us or give us a call - 02076272308.

Trigger Point Therapy Tools

Trigger Point Therapy Tools

We highly recommend use of Trigger Point Therapy self-massage tools. We have the full range of TPT products in our online store and at our Clapham site. We also run a "GRID" class and free TPT workshop. Call 0207 627 2308 for more info. Visit site...