Sports and Remedial Massage

Ease the stresses, strains and tensions in your body with Balance's highly experienced team of sports and remedial massage therapists.

Are you preparing for or recovering from a sports event, marathon or triathlon, climbing or hiking weekend, surf or snowboarding holiday.

Maybe you are pregnant or postnatal and feeling in need of a moments respite from the fatigue of the added bump, additional responsibilities of parenthood or have back ache from lifting the children or getting them into their car seats.

Perhaps you might also be suffering from work related postural tension in the arm, neck, upper and lower back - no doubt there is tension in your deep hip muscles as well.

Whichever of the above applies to you, you should take the opportunity and have the enivitable tensions that gravity creates relieved with a massage.

The Balance Performance team of massuers includeds both female and male therapists. They have diverse skills beyond those in their fingers, thumbs, hands, forearms and elbows:


  • postural correction and movement to develop your body awareness 
  • techniques to develop your flexibility such as Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)
  • Teaching Self Myofascial Release Techniques and Myofascial Compression Techniques that arm you with skills to take care of your self and create "fascial health".


The Massage team work closely with physiotherapists, movement, strength and conditioning coaches to ensure your progressions with them are seamlessly connected with those achieved through soft tissue work (deep tissue massage).

If you have scar tissue or other related problems following breast cancer surgery or mastectomy are team is experienced and skilled in this specialised area also.


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Sports and Remedial Massage


Injured? Call us now

Injured? Call us now

Sports, orthopaedic, over-use, posture related, we treat any problem and all ages and levels. Get back to what you want to be doing as quickly as possible with the help from the Balance team, call 020 7627 2308.     Visit site...

12 weeks after injury I flew to Portugal and won a bronze medal in the European Championships. Without the help of the team at Balance I probably wouldn't have been back on the mats, let alone making the podium of a major tournament.

Leoni Munslow - International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and Firefighter Read more