Diet and Nutrition

Rees Colling is a registered dietitian and qualified sports nutritionist who has been working for the NHS and in private practice for many years. He provides expert nutritional advice to optimise health, athletic performance and reduce risk factors for disease. Working and communicating closely with the strength and conditioning coaches as well as the sports injury, back pain teams and other professionals at Balance to discuss the requirements of clients significantly increases the effectiveness of recovery and performance.

  • One to one consultation and follow up sessions to monitor progress.
  • Assessment of body measurements, medical problems and interpretation of blood results to determine future health risks.
  • Comprehensive analysis of diet and eating patterns.
  • Estimation of energy and nutrient requirements to ensure nutritional needs are met.
  • Advice on training diets, hydration and recovery refuelling strategies for athletes.
  • Education to clarify the current fad diets and food myths.

So how does someone actually benefit from dietary and nutritional advice?

  • Losing weight sensibly and keeping it off permanently.
  • Decreasing body fat stores and increasing lean muscle mass.
  • Improve sporting performances by maximising energy and hydration levels.
  • Reduce risks of developing obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • Provide advice on functional foods, vitamins and sports supplements.
  • Improve your strength, stamina, speed and recovery.


For further queries or to book an appointment contact Rees directly on 077 34959 285 or email

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Injured? Call us now

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