Alter-G: Anti-Gravity Treadmill

A revolution in sports performance and injury recovery, the"Alter-G” Anti-Gravity treadmill with technology developed by NASA allows you to: recover from sports injury, back pain, orthopaedic surgery, train for injury prevention, dramatic weight loss and sports performance.

It allows the user to reduce their bodyweight in 1%increments to as low as 20% of normal the equivalent of walking on the moon! 


What is the value of being able to reduce bodyweight?

  • Recover quicker from injury
  • Increase mileage - joint stress is reduced significantly even with small decreases in bodyweight %. 
  • Increase leg speed - effective for both elite runners and recreational marathon runners
  • Increase leg and cardiovascular power endurance - the ultimate tool for interval training.
  • Training proper gait mechanics - efficiency is everything. The G-trainer allows an unrestricted running action
  • The Ultimate in intervals and tempo runs - the "gravity" variable makes a huge difference to train in target zones and sustained competitive speeds.

Book time on the G-trainer with 30 or 60 minute sessions from only £12.50.

Call 020 7627 2308 to speak with one of our team about how it can benefit you, either as part of your treatment or to heighten your performance.

Alter-G: Anti-Gravity Treadmill


SPORTTAPE kinesiology tape and much more

SPORTTAPE kinesiology tape and much more

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