Gareth Bate BSc (hons) – Soft Tissue and Sports Therapist


Gareth Bate is a Sports Therapist with a special interest in soft tissue therapy and elite performance.

His approach to soft tissue therapy and sports therapy is a fairly simple one: “I aim to get you moving and back to your daily function as soon as is possible. We know that optimally loading our injured tissues, whether that be by manual interventions such as soft tissue release or muscle energy techniques, or by more exercise based techniques such as gradually exposing your injury to body weight, affect the tissue repair process. Our body and tissues have an unrivaled ability to withstand and adapt to the demands placed on them on a daily basis.  Using this information I can select the most appropriate interventions to utilise, I aim to support and promote your bodys natural ability to heal.”

Outside of Balance Gareth is a Lecturer on the BSc/FdSc Sports Therapy degree programs at the University College Birmingham. He has continuous access to the latest research and this coupled with a strong clinical background means that he can practically apply those principles to benefit you as our client.