Dennis Ricketts – boxing & Fitness coach

ABA Coach and Professional Trainer/Second

If you are going to learn any combat sport or martial art you need an experienced and qualified coach. Dennis has masses of experience, is an authentic and qualified coach licensed to work with Amateur boxers and professional fighters.

At Balance Dennis offers personal boxing and fitness coaching to anyone with an interest in boxing training. Whether for the sheer enjoyment, the undoubted fitness that comes with it or for those wanting to compete in amateur / “white collar” competition bouts or utilising the skills for MMA.

He is also available for personal fitness training which of course involves plenty of circuits, pad and bag work.

Dennis was introduced to circuit training and serious boxing tournaments at the age of 18 when he joined the Royal Navy and absolutely loved them. By 20 he had fought his way in to the Royal Navy boxing squad and at 23 was the Navy Champion at Light Heavy Weight. After leaving the RN Dennis became a coach at BK Movers Amateur Boxing Club and gained his qualifications in boxing and fitness instruction, he also became match maker and head coach of the club for 8 years. After the amateurs he went on to professional coach and was part of the training team of British Heavy Weight contender Keith Long.

Dennis’s love now is to coach the people of Clapham, Brixton, Stockwell and Wandsworth for fitness or competitive boxing.