BPharm, MSc Nutr Med, MPSI, MNS

london-physio-gradient-portfolioBackground: “Aidan is the fresh face of modern medicine.” An Irish pharmacist by profession, Aidan experienced the impotency of conventional medicine when faced with seeking a cure for his own severe autoimmune illness. This led him to revolutionise his perspective and embrace the healing power of nutrition.

Having gained a Masters degree in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey – one of the highest regarded, evidence based post graduate nutrition courses in the world – Aidan has become a leading authority in all matters related to nutrition and medicine.

Philosophy: Aidan now pioneers the ‘modern day medicine’ movement, built on the foundation of the need to treat the underlying causes of disease, and to, first, seek out and treat nutritional deficiencies in the body. In those cases where drug therapy is warranted, Aidan is outspoken in the need to embrace a holistic approach, combining both medicine and nutrition creating an unrivalled synergy, with dramatic reductions in side effects and improvements in outcome.

Book: It was Aidan’s desire to bridge the gap between the frequently opposed disciplines of nutrition and medicine that was the catalyst for his award-winning book The Health Delusion, the recipient of rave reviews from leading nutritionists and the medical community alike, as well as the media and the public.