Running Analysis and Coaching

Running Analysis and Coaching London

Whether you run seriously and competitively, run for enjoyments sake and health, or see running simply as a feature within your sport or fitness regime you should acknowledge that running is a movement skill. Like all skills the skill of running needs ongoing refinement, maintenance and for many of us further development.

The way you run, without doubt, determines both how efficient a runner you are – and economical with your energy – and how vulnerable to stress, strain and injury you are. By working in a variety of sports at different levels of performance we have gained a wealth of knowledge in analysing applied running movement.

At Balance we offer:

  • Running analysis – if you are currently injured, are vulnerable to injury when you increase running intensity or volume but cant work out why, or have already made the connection between your running technique and ongoing injuries book a running analysis with one of our running specialist physiotherapists Graham, Keith, Sophia, Dan, Anita or Regan.
    • Identify biomechanical faults – i.e. incorrect patterns of movement when you run – leading to overuse injuries
    • Assess the suitability of your new or old running shoes in order to make sure that they suit your running style
  • Your running specialist physiotherapist will film and analyse you running on a treadmill. You’ll need to bring your training gear, your most recent (< 6 months) and older running shoes, any insoles/orthotics you use, your training diary if you have one, and your usual work/daytime footwear.
  • Running Coaching – if you are looking to enjoy your running more; improve performance – run faster, more powerfully and with more fluidity you should see our coach Nadine Horn to:
    • increase your awareness of HOW you run so you can modify and tune your technique to run with greater control and avoid early fatigue
    • improve your running economy – run at your current speed and distances but expend less energy
    • enhance your health and strengthen your resilience: build your foot, ankle, leg and pelvic strength, modify your habitual positions of pelvis and foot, and make a transition to minimal footwear that disturbs your natural movement less.
  • Our running coach Nadine offers a Running Package that will get you started and then monitor your progress, or you can book one to one sessions as you go along. Nadine will explore with you WHY you run, as well as ask WHAT you are wanting to achieve through coaching before teaching you the appropriate skills to practice in the programme that she’ll set for you.