Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training Clapham

Personal Fitness Training for significant and sustainable results. Whether you have a wedding, beach holiday or photo shoot looming, OR simply interested in a Gold Medal Body for year round wellbeing and performance our trainers will guide you to successful outcomes.


We see:

  • men and women
  • adolescent students, young professionals, retirees and seniors.
  • action and extreme adventure sports enthusiasts and weekend fun runners
  • people aiming to put ON significant pounds of muscular mass and people to trying to take OFF health sapping excessive bodyweight.

Although we can help you gain knowledge on the established methods and habits that increase health and fitness (in all its many forms) your goals are personal and what constitutes effective, enjoyable and sustainable training is unique to you. After we understand your goals or help you come to realise what your intentions really are we can begin to work on your success.

Balance Performance professionals are well known for their abilities and skills in the world of rehab and pain relief, but it is a lot less known that we also have one of the most talented and experienced team of fitness trainers and coaches in London. They are not tied to follow any one “Fitness Guru” or “Miracle Training System”, they have the strength of mind and character to have found their own path whilst remaining open to new ideas and developments – the benefit of this to you and the results you can achieve because of it are immense. So….:

  • drop unwanted pounds/kilos: drop a few dress or collar sizes, be guided to achieve an athletic, lean, svelte like look that eludes the majority of people who employ a personal trainer in London.
  • enjoy your training – its far more sustainable AND effective when you do – and learn lessons to keep you active ALL the way through your life.
  • we dont have to train you week in week out for you to make massive changes in your life and see you physically and mentally develop, so you save money.
  • Combine Personal training with use of the gym and classes and make significant savings.