Sports Massage Clapham

deep tissue massage and myofascial release


Massage when delivered with skill provides powerful and diverse effects. Fortunately these are skills possessed by our highly experienced team of soft tissue therapists.

In Balance Performance’s massage treatment rooms we use a number of sports, remedial, deep and soft tissue release techniques in a calm setting to:

  • Ease the stresses, strains and tensions felt across your body and maintain good health.
  • Ease the tension and pain manifested physically during periods of stress and for better mental health and wellbeing.
  • Relieve work and study related tension in the arm, neck, upper and lower back
  • Target specific areas of tension associated with your injury – every injury will induce muscular and fascial tightness that will remain an obstacle to complete recovery until addressed.
  • Target specific areas of tension and generally relieve stress that comes with every episode of back or neck pain.
  • Work on tension and scar tissue following breast cancer surgery or mastectomy.
  • Assist in preparation for any event – sporting or adventurous, marathon or triathlon, a hiking or climbing weekend, a musical or dance performance, surf, ski or snowboarding holiday.
  • Assist in recovery from sports training or preparation for the above events
  • Give respite during pregnancy from the fatigue of carrying your bump.
  • Assist post-natal recovery and ease the tension induced with the responsibility of parenthood – back and neck ache from lifting children, breastfeeding, nappy changing.

Our soft tissue therapists work closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and coaches to ensure your progressions with them are seamlessly connected with those achieved through soft tissue work (deep tissue massage).

Whichever of the above applies to you take the opportunity provided by our team of therapists – both male and female – and have the inevitable tensions created by life and gravity massaged away. If you haven’t experienced massage before talk to one of the team before you book a session or let them know when they are talking with you beforehand and they will guide you through the process. Massages can vary in length based on your requirements from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Your first session must be 45 minutes duration as your therapist will have some questions to ask before they begin.