BUPA client information

Information for clients who are registered with BUPA and who wish Balance Performance Physiotherapy to bill BUPA directly:

Balance Performance has BUPA managers who have worked with BUPA and their clients for over 20 years. Essentially this means that we're very familiar with the BUPA process and adept at speaking to those at BUPA who are in charge of each individuals accounts to authorise more sessions as required, so you are in very competent hands.

All we require is


  • your membership number
  • your pre-authorisation number
  • and we ask you to familiarise yourself with your BUPA policy with regard to any excess payment that you need to pay to us when you start your treatment and your level of annual coverage, which if you went over, BUPA again, would ask you to pay us directly.


Please note that in Balance's contract with BUPA, BUPA stipulate that its members:


  1. Must be fully paid up and valid members of BUPA with a current authorisation.
  2. Must confirm their level of coverage and details of their excess payment for which they are personally liable with Balance Performance Physiotherapy Ltd. prior to commencement of treatment.  The patient must agree in writing to pay these fees personally up front.
  3. Have a valid pre-authorisation number and must commence physiotherapy within two calendar months of the date of the pre-authorisation.
  4. Keep a note of your number of sessions should BUPA be granting your physiotherapy by sessional number.
  5. Have the opportunity to fill in a customer satisfaction questionnaire.


Should you have any queries with regard to BUPA please ask us and we'll be happy to


Call 02076272308


The amazing way Morgan (cycling specialist physiotherapist) and Nadine (running and adventure coach) are working together is incredible: I really feel very lucky to be able to work with such a fantastic and experienced team, so the months ahead are really exceptionally exciting!

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