G-trainer Q & A

Balance is home to the only G-trainer in the UK (Europe in fact) that members of the public can gain access to by booking time in 30 minute intervals.

The problem is that although the G-trainer is very cutting edge, produces phenomenal results in accelerated rehabilitation, fitness for marathon, triathlon, and all other sports people have next to no knowledge of it in the United Kingdom. Scepticism is a good thing so read the Q and A's then come and try it out for yourself.

 “My experience with the G-Trainer was quite simply...awesome! I am a metabolic training junkie and this piece of super kit is possibly one of the best ways to ‘stoke the metabolic fire’. The G-Trainer is a versatile workout tool that will be of great benefit to athletes, rehab clients and general fitness enthusiasts...highly recommend!”

  Joel Proskewitz
  FreeMotion Master Trainer

Q I haven't run for 2 years due to a knee injury and I've put about 2 stone in weight on. Will the G-trainer help me get some weight off before I go back to running outdoors?

A definitely, its a great way to get back to running after an injury, surgery, or any other enforced (or voluntarily) break from running. The G-trainer allows you to reduce your bodyweight in either large of small increments, so when you start running again you don't feel as heavy on your feet as you'd expect running outside. Being more comfortable allows to walk or run further and faster. Going further faster means you will return to fitness faster and accelerate your loss of body fat and total bodyweight (if necessary).

Q I haven't run since I had my first of two children and I'm worried about getting back to running as pregnancy child birth didn't help my pelvic floor, what can the G-trainer do to get me over that?

A Well you really need to go and see a good womens health physiotherapist they can give you some very simple exercises to get you back in action and feeling in full control of your bladder.

The G-trainer will help you with stress incontinence as you will be able to run quite literally with less stress! It can give you much greater confidence and with a bit of guidance, from people who know, you can use it alongside your pelvic control exercises to return to full impact running with total confidence.

Q I can see the benefit of using it as part of my rehab following an ACL reconstruction but I am happy with the treatment I am getting at my clinic in the West End. Will you still let me use it?

Yes of course. We are happy to work with your physio or any other professional you are working with to determine how best to utilise the G-trainer in your recovery and for your fitness.

All lower limb surgeries (and many other operations) can benefit, if you would like to use the G-trainer independently we will spend a session with you to explain how best to use it and set yourself up in it. Then we will help you set yourself up in it a couple more times or until you are confident. The essential part is that you realise the true advantage this treadmill offers you so you get the maximum out of it and do so safely.

Q How do you find the G-T compares to devices such as the aquarunner (the flotation suit for water based training)?

A There is really no comparision between what the G-trainer offers and what any other method of unweighting can.

The use of water either in hydrotherapy, or using floatation devices to perform acqua jogging/running has been useful to us in the past but you change so much by adding water you get resistance and drag.

You actually run in the G-trainer. There is no change in mechanics, muscle groups used or firing patterns.

The other thing that is really exciting is the ability to instantaneously and precisely change the amount of bodyweight supported (1% increments from 100 down to 20%). This makes it possible to make very slight adjustments in response to changes in symptoms. It also enables incredibly effective intervals to be performed!

With water you can alter depth, change the configuartion of floats, or add resistance using paddles - none of this is at all subtle, quantifiable and is very difficult to repeat from session to session.

Q The G-trainer looks incredibly impressive but it also looks very complicated, can I use it on my own?

A Its actually very simple to use. A touch screen display that allows you to alter speed (forward and backwards), incline  and gravity by tapping an up or down arrow. Getting in and out of the "bag" will only take a few goes to get proficient at.

What you will need to get one session of input on (some people may need 2) is in understanding the full range of opportunities you have with the treadmill and how to get the maximum out of your sessions. One of our G-trainer team will explain and show it all to you. After that we will just check you are ok setting yourself up (at no cost and then your all set).

Q I am quite a serious runner and would to include some treadmill runs within my schedule. In my gym the treadmills seem to have their speed restricted. Will the G-trainer allow me to run as fast as I want?

A post list of tech specs. It suits the needs of world record holders at all distances over 400m. That doesn't mean that it can't be used by 60m sprinters just that they would be using it as part of their overall schedule, strength and conditioning rather than for overspeed training.

Q I'm a marathon runner how many runs would you suggest I do?

A This is a question that needs to be answered with an "it depends" to begin with.

Depends on your experience, your susceptibility to injury, your level of commitment, and how much you intend to invest in your running performance.

It will provide results whether its your first marathon or you are running at an international level. We wouldn't encourage you to use it for all your runs unless you were recovering from injury but you could use it 3 times a week or once a fortnight. We can work with your club coach or you can work with one of our team to determine what suits you beat.

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