How did Balance Performance Physiotherapy come to be

The concept behind Balance evolved from the philosophies of its three principal directors, Graham Anderson, Lucy Goldby and Jonathan Lewis. Like any successful team, understood that their specialist areas were much more effective when used in combination.

Balance does not run on the income per square foot principle of high street gym chains and other conventional businesses.

We were told by more than a few people it was bad business sense to "waste" space in this way. We ignored this misguided advice and perservered against the lack of understanding and vision all but one bank had for our plan. Our vision was too big and did not coincide with their experience of what the norm for a physiotherapy centred business was. We knew that it was the only way we could truly optimise injury recovery and physical development.

In 2001 we finally found a premises that would allow us to do the things that we felt were lacking in private physiotherapy facilities: it had space for our clients to move, let go and open up.

Balance has been in a constant state of development and improvement since that time drawing a team of professionals together based around the core specialist areas Graham, Lucy and Jonathan originally brought together.

  • Back pain treatment and rehabilitation
  • Sports injury treatment and rehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Health, fitness, wellness and well-being
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The Balance Promise

With your commitment we will enhance your performance to a level that will exceed your pre-injury status.