Tissue mobility class, foam rolling and recovery

Tissue mobility class for easier, pain free movement and performance

Our Tissue Mobility Class is held every Saturday morning at 8:30am in our Clapham studio. It is a FREE drop-in class and there is no need to register. Just come to Balance and be ready to breathe and move on foam roller and massage ball.

  • Learn the most effective techniques to relieve tension, promote recovery and enhance performance.
  • Understand best positioning, breathing and movements associated with your tightest and most dysfunctional areas!
  • Learn how to use the self-massage tools you already own and understand how other tools can be used.
  • The principles are largely the same whether using a generic foam roller, a massage ball or more specifically shaped tool designed to work key areas.
  • BlackRoll’s full range of fascial tools, TriggerPoint Therapy kits, the Back Nodger, hard rollers, grooved rollers, single and duoball, smaller and larger massage balls as well as lacrosse balls are all available in our shop. Cheap doesn’t always mean ineffective if you have the know-how.

This class is taught by our knowledgeable teachers – physiotherapists and osteopaths – experienced and trained in self-soft tissue release and myofascial compression techniques as originally developed by Cassidy Phillips the founder of Trigger Point Therapy, that can be applied by you using any brand of foam roller, massage ball or other self-massage tool innovation. Effective technique is a combination of simple breathing to stimulate recovery, appropriate selection and positioning of the massage tools, and subtle movements (as opposed to indiscriminate “rolling”). This provides pain and tension relief for your neck, shoulders, back, hips, upper and lower limbs. In turn recovery is enhanced and movement/performance improved.

We know that muscles and fascia that are tight (a feature of all sports injuries, episodes of back and neck pain) create pain and tension which contribute to the development of poor movement patterns and disrupted body awareness. Over time this gradually leads to an increased load on joints and limit the potential of movement and performance. At Balance Performance we understand and promote the need for excellent tissue and joint health, and the importance of being STRONG, FLEXIBLE and FLUID IN MOVEMENT for your sport or everyday activities. We are also passionate to empower you to take care of yourself and sustain excellent health across your life span.

Our class is FREE and runs every Saturday from 830am-930am.

If you would like more information please email dan@balancephysio.com, call 0207 627 2308, or contact us on Twitter @balancephysio or on our Facebook page (links top right)