FREE TPT Class: Self Myofascial Compression Techniques

Self-massage is like brushing your teeth, a daily habit to care for your muscles! Learn how to use the Trigger Point Therapy Tools effectively: reduce pain from tension (back, injury or work related) essential for injury prevention efforts, performing better and developing greater resilience - all part of the Balance Performance approach.

  • We run a FREE class every Wednesday morning and Thursday evening

Self-care/self-massage focuses on the areas most influential to the way you move - run, walk, swim, climb, jump, swing, leap, land, roll, fight, dance, play and work in - consequently they are the areas most important to care for and ensure they remain elastic and springy!

The class is taken by our experienced and qualified Trigger Point Performance Therapy teachers, they will guide you to use the Trigger Point Therapy tools effectively.

  • Wednesday 8-9am Myofascial Compression Techniques - using TPT tools - FREE 
  • Thursday 7-8pm Myofascial Compression and Release Techniques - using Trigger Point Performance tools. Especially TP Massage ball and Grid Foam Roller.
Call 020 7627 2308 for more information and to book on or ask further questions via our contact/book now page: CLICK HERE to connect.
FREE TPT Class: Self Myofascial Compression Techniques


Trigger Point Therapy Tools

Trigger Point Therapy Tools

We highly recommend use of Trigger Point Therapy self-massage tools. We have the full range of TPT products in our online store and at our Clapham site. We also run a "GRID" class and free TPT workshop. Call 0207 627 2308 for more info. Visit site...

The Balance Promise

With your commitment we will enhance your performance to a level that will exceed your pre-injury status.