Kettlebell Conditioning with Svetlana

With a strong focus on quality and technique this is what kettlebells were made for - strength endurance work, conditioning. The beauty of kettlebells is that if you do it with good form it not only provides you with the "bikini body"** or "speedo physique"** you desire, it also improves the way you move and function. Kettlebells are the ideal resistance tool for athletic training.

One hour of intense work, all the basic drills combined into prolonged sets of effort. As with all physical training its down to you as to how hard you work but Svetlana will ensure you perfect your technique and work to the best of your ability in this class. 

Cost: £15.50, 5 classes £65.00, 10 classes £100.00
Timings: Monday 8-9pm, Wednesday 8-9pm

You need to have kettlebell experience to attend this class. If not check out the excellent beginners class we do.

** for sustainable transformations (of mind and body) requires sustained daily practice of good eating, drinking, sleeping, movement, relaxation and socialising, as well as the kettlebells!!
Kettlebell Conditioning with Svetlana


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Buy Kettlebells Online

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