Health & Fitness Classes for Clapham, Brixton and Stockwell

Whatever your health and fitness goals are you will find a class at Balance that is fun, effective, satisfying, engaging AND will help you successfully reach those goals.


Kettlebells, Circuit training (WINTER CONDITIONING STARTING SOON), Boxing, Womens Only classes- Kettlebells and Core Fitness, Post natal fitness, Recovery with TPT and Foam Rollers (Grid, Trad blue foam or rumble roller), Pilates.

Our classes have a strong focus on dynamic movement and quality. Participant numbers are low, the quality of your coaching always high.

Overall fitness, strengh, endurance, resilience, flexibility, fluid movement, core stability, injury prevention and recovery, there is a class for everyone - including 30 min classes for mums with preschoolers.

Click on specific classes in the left hand column for further information on that class.

  • Class cards: buy a 5 or 10 class card and save over £5.00 a session

Call 020 7627 2308 for more information and to book on or ask further questions via our contact/book now page: CLICK HERE to connect.

If you want to come around and take a look at our 7,000 square foot facility first - including gym, movement and class space - thats fine too.


Health & Fitness Classes for Clapham, Brixton and Stockwell