Alter-G: Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Alter gravity and you can neutralise impact stress, eliminate pain, improve your movement control and reduce the energy cost of walking, running and jumping.

There is no other way we can do this AND maintain the normal movement patterns of walking, running, skipping and jumping.  Because this offered such an amazing opportunity to such a wide and diverse range of our clients – the opportunity to get back to their activities in excellent time and with greater confidence – we decided to make the investment in this NASA developed technology in 2008 after hearing about it and then seeing it, experiencing it in action during trips to New York and Toronto. Another instance of Balance leading the way in the field of rehabilitation, we became the first clinic outside of the USA to have one (the same week as Manchester United and Manchester City).

The anti-gravity treadmill –  allows the user to reduce their bodyweight in 1%increments to as low as 20% of normal the equivalent of walking on the moon! Given that most of us can’t begin to imagine what that’s about we invite you to come along and experience it first hand with the guidance of one of our team.

A revolution in sports performance and injury recovery

How can you make use of the Alter-G and “anti-gravity” technology at Balance Performance?

  • You don’t have to be an existing client. Come along on your own or with your physiotherapist, osteopath. We have a client who uses the Alter-G regularly who will have walking session with her Alexander Technique teacher beside her.
  • You will need an induction. Its very easy to use but obviously with so many additional benefits there are features on this treadmill you need to understand and appreciate. It only takes 30 minutes with the guidance of one of the Alter-G team. If you want you can continue straight after and begin a walk, run or impact session.
  • You can either pay-as-you-go for sessions from £17 for a 30 minute session; buy a package of 330 or 660 minutes to reduce costs even lower (from £8 per 30 minutes); or get goal specific programmes see them below and contact us about pricing.
  • Goal Specific Programmes are created for you by our team based around your specific aims or goals. Depending on the programme you’ll see either a physiotherapist or strength and conditioning coach for your induction – if you havent had one already – and then they’ll create a programme, take you through the components and then review your progress several weeks later.

How can it help me specifically?

Sports Injury
– the impact of running causes pain to injured feet, ankles, knees and hips. Hitting the bodyweight % button on the Alter-G reduces it incremently to a point where you can begin running again pain free and then systematically progress back to the road, track, field, trail, court or gym.
Back Pain
– the impact of the foot striking the ground reverberates through the legs and into the back during walking, running and jumping: for many back pain sufferers the consequences of this are painful. Whether the pain is a long term and ongoing aggravation or from a recently sustained injury, Alter-G provides an opportunity to relieve pain and rediscover normal movement.
– particularly after orthopaedic procedures, people are often left with a long road ahead of them before they can move with ease and confidence. Whether low back disc surgery or an ACL knee ligament repair the Alter-G enables clients to step out of a protective boot or put the crutches to one side and give partial but positive weight bearing and impact to stimulate healing and increase confidence. 
Injury Prevention
– everything comes at a cost. When you train with high volume, particularly in activities like running and triathlon, the impact on the joints and strain on the muscles and tendons accumulates. Alter-G allows runners to expand or maintain their mileage significantly with far less physical stress. Long runs and brick sessions take on new meaning and offer fresh opportunites with the Alter-G.
Weight loss
– Reduce impact. Excercise more. Lose Weight. When you are determined to reduce bodyweight to healthier levels it is a massive challenge to be able to achieve the necessary amount of time walking and eventually running to support the dietary changes you made. The Alter-G can not only demonstrate what it feels like to move at your target weight – bodyweight can be reduced to as low as 20% of normal – but also allows extended periods of sustained activity with less joint stress.
Sports Performance and Running programmes
– aside from the benefits of recovery that reduced bodyweight running offers sports men and women, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Alter-G gives a powerful boost to speed training, leg strength sessions and event preparation. Marathon, Triathlon, Ultradistance, Ironman

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