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    Our intention is simple: relieve your pain, restore your function, explore your movement, enhance your health and performance. We will work together and empower you to take care of yourself.

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    Free yourself from back pain, get back to life

    It is inevitable that we will experience pain and injury in our lives, but when clients fully embrace the Balance approach and seek empowerment, the results that follow are longer lasting and reach further in to health and performance.

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    Strength, Fitness, Personal Training & Classes

    Our aim is not just to treat you, but to take you to a point in advance of your pre-injured self. The only effective response we can take to the challenges we face is an active one that leads to greater resilience.

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    Massage and soft tissue therapy

    Our clients want more than short lived, quick fixes: that's why we offer a diversely skilled team that can empower you to build total health, well being, greater resilience and enhanced performance.

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    7,000 square feet only 60 seconds from Clapham North and Clapham High Street stations, 7 minutes from Clapham Junction, under 15 minutes from London's West End, City and Docklands.

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Key Services


Deri and Jo at the clapham baby show today ... See MoreSee Less

Jo Fordyce and Deri Wilson from our Women's Health team will be at Henry Cavendish Primary School from 10am until 1pm today with a stand at the Clapham Baby Show.

Take the opportunity to talk to them about any of your concerns or issues around pregnancy and having a baby, recovering your physical health (and so your mental and emotional health) after the birth - the pelvic floor is often the focus initially, breastfeeding, and the demands of nourishing and raising your child. Basically all things related to the "Bump and Beyond".

The team is led by Jo Fordyce, a highly experienced specialist in pelvic health, obstetrics and gynaecology. As you'd expect from Balance Performance the team she leads is also experienced, enthusiastic and aim to guide you back to a place of good health, well being and independence.

Balance Performance's Women's Health team offer:

Physiotherapy: pelvic hurdle pain, neck and low back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, painful thumbs/wrists (De Quervain's tenosynovitis), diastasis recti (a gap that develops in your abdominal muscles).

Specialist Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy: stress incontinence (leakage with cough, sneeze, running, jumping and exercise), urge incontinence (not making it to the toilet in time), prolapse, post-natal perineal tears, pain with sexual activity, over tight or weak pelvic floor muscles, pelvic pain, bowel concerns

Post-Natal MOT. Get back on track post delivery. The MOT is bespoke but could include:
Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle assessment, learning how to avoid back pain with guidance on your posture and positioning with or without your new baby (all activities including breastfeeding), an exercise programme addressing our core and pelvic control, advice on returning to a life with routine - work, sport, family and social, strategies for relaxation.

Massage: a massage with Deri that encourages well being and addressing the tensions that pregnancy, the post-natal period and raising a baby and young child can create.

Breastfeeding: time with Lucy Alexander (breast feeding counsellor) to address and guide you through any issues around breast feeding. Optimal comfort and positioning and developing a feeding plan.

Class programme specifically for mothers:

Kettlebells, core and more, Pilates.
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There will be no Trigger Point Therapy Class this Saturday 7th October. But back as usual the following week! Why not treat yourself to a massage with Nadia or Larry instead! Give Margie or Lou a call to book in! Call : 0207 627 2308 email: admin@balancephysio.com ... See MoreSee Less



The Balance Facility

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What our Clients say…

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Runner of Marathons / Read more

Thank you so much for all your help. I definitely wouldn’t have done it without you. The pain went away following your advice and exercises, and you gave me the confidence and reassurance that it was fine to try to run on.

Winston Gordon

Winston Gordon

Team GB Judo Triple Olympian / Read More

Balance is a great asset and an excellent team to work with. I would recommend them to anyone who has sustained a sports injury. I thank them all for all their help and support in enabling me to pursue my Olympic dream

John Hunt

John Hunt

Director / Artemis Consulting

I have been coming to see Lucy and Graham at Balance since they first started. Their ability and determination to get one back playing/training again is great for me, and I would go nowhere else!

Dion Harrison

Dion Harrison

Pro Ironman - Channel Swimmer / Read more

The Team at Balance have provided fantastic support over the years & enabled me to progress from recreational athlete to Amateur World Champion & onto racing professionally on the Ironman & ITU circuit.